*Funking Cool Marketing

NewFlight Pictures started as a film company making things that audiences loved. Since then, clients have asked for the same engaging and exciting focus for their own marketing.

We specialise in and provide services for all types of inbound digital marketing that sets clients apart and makes customers fall in love. We believe in the science that drives online marketing and we have the creative flare to make it look and feel incredible.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Video & Motion Graphics

We started as a film production company and the love and magic of cinema cascades across all of the projects we do. It also means we can make awesome videos for your products or services.

Social Media Management

Social media goes a long way towards your content strategy but really social media is about talking to your customers, potential customers and industry influencers.

Engaging Web Design

Interactive, engaging and conversion focused web design. We make pages that really get you noticed. Whether it’s beautiful web designs which show your content in an easy to understand or fully immersive marketing campaigns, our marketing lead web design sets you apart.

Web Hosting

With Digital Gravity hosting we can integrate your project or entire site into our network so that it’s secure and always up to date.


Our consulting service brings you years of marketing experience on some of the world’s biggest brands to let you think of it in a new way. Sometimes all you need is a different perspective.

Sales Tools

We build presentations that are really memorable. It’s not just the way we take your content and make it into easy to understand, customer focused messaging, it’s the way we use our imagination to bring it to life.

Email Campaigns

We find email campaigns something of an art form. From the way they appear in people’s inbox, to the perfectly crafted headline and copy. Making good emails that people enjoy opening is very difficult and something we completely love doing.

Search Engine Optimisation

Being a marketing agency, we work on messaging. We don’t believe in building pages that search engines love, but users can’t read.

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